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Access Control

As a business owner security and safety should be at the top of your priority list. The best way to enhance security is through access control. Our experts offer outstanding access control service in Toronto, ON. You cannot go wrong when you choose UTS Automatic Doors Toronto to be your access control systems company. We have the experience, knowledge, and specialized training to provide these services quickly, accurately, and affordably.

A professionally installed access control system is an effective tool designed to allow you to control who has access to your domain. These systems are ideal for main entrances and to entrances to various departments inside the facility. Keyless entry pads are one of the popular options we offer. Instead of using keys to enter a location the person must input a code that has been specifically designed to them. The assigned code is only applicable to the areas you desire. This eliminates too many keys floating around, which can damage security.

The Best Access Control Services

We offer extremely efficient access control installation service for homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to keyless entry, we also install fingerprint readers and card readers to enhance your access control capabilities. With the card reader you program access cards for your employees. The card will only allow access to the specific areas you assign. The fingerprint reader requires a pre-programmed fingerprint to allow entry. All three of these options are efficient tools in the access control process.

When your access control system is not functioning properly we will respond quickly and effectively to provide access control repair service. We keep plenty of quality replacement parts in our trucks to enhance your access control service experience. Our specialists will use honed troubleshooting skills to detect problems and then provide a cost effective solution to the problem.

We are proud to be the access control experts you can turn to in the Greater Toronto Area. Access control puts you in the driver’s seat of your security process. You will decide who has access to where and be able to monitor those who enter and leave the premises. Give our professionals at Toronto UTS Automatic Doors a call right now for service you can trust.