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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors have been used in large commercial retail locations for decades. You can find them in many businesses that benefit from providing pedestrian flow and convenience. These automatic sliding door operators open and close the door in a smooth and efficient manner. Depending on what type of business the doors are installed in they are triggered by different means. In huge grocery and retail outlets approach sensors are typically used. When you approach the doors the sensor picks up your movement and opens the doors.

Some sliding doors are operated by push buttons, while others use access control systems. For example, you would need to slide a pre-programmed card through a reader. If you are allowed access the doors would automatically slide open. All of these doors have a safety sensor that prevents them from closing on you or your shopping cart. We offer the best automatic sliding doors service in Toronto. Our experts will install, maintain, or repair all makes and models of automatic sliding door operators.

We Care About Dependable Repair

The team at UTS Automatic Doors cares about your automatic sliding door repair in Toronto. We will rush to your rescue anytime day or night to provide fast and accurate remedies to your repair needs. Our experts have been thoroughly trained to address any problems that might arise with your operators. We also offer excellent automatic sliding door maintenance. You can choose from a variety of budget friendly maintenance options that can be provided on a regular basis. We will help prevent the problems from occurring or fix them when they appear.

We also provide sliding door installation service for your business. Our crew will replace existing doors as part of an upgrade service, or install a brand new system for new construction. Installing these doors properly requires special skills and extensive knowledge. We are the sliding door specialists. Choose UTS Automatic Doors for all of your siding door service needs.